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ETF Stripping Explained – Insider Trading Scheme

February 14, 2011

ETF Stripping is the latest financial innovation coming out of Wall Street – but not as a retail investor vehicle.  Evidently, insider trading schemes have continued to evolve in efforts to evade scrutiny to the latest point of absurdity.  In an ETF stripping scheme, when an investor, hedge fund or trader acquires insider information, in […]

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7 ETFs That May Benefit from Election and QE2 Results

November 3, 2010

Now that the markets have largely digested the election results and the Fed’s FOMC meeting announcement, it was evident both outcomes were somewhat baked in as investors engaged in the typical front-running and anyone looking for a Black Swan Investment or binary trade on Wednesday was disappointed.   The Fed unveiled plans to purchase of an […]

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Key ETFs to Watch Related to QE2 in November

October 23, 2010

The current consensus is that the Fed will announce some sort of significant quantitative easing program in early November following the Nov 2-3 FOMC meeting. What isn’t clear is just how large the program will be or exactly how it will be implemented. With this timing in mind, in addition to November elections, it’s important […]

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Trade 100 ETFs FREE at Ameritrade – Full List

October 10, 2010

With pressure mounting amongst trading outfits to reduce commissions and offer free services and trading, Ameritrade has announced that it will now offer commission-free trading on 100 ETFs covering a broad spectrum of asset classes ranging from Emerging Markets and Commodities to Bonds and Select Sectors.  Being able to trade ETFs with no commissions can […]

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Insane Pattern: Stocks Gain More on First Day of Month Than Rest of Month Combined

September 30, 2010

My cover is blown.  Months ago, I figured out what I believe to be the most insanely profitable and market-edge strategies of all time.  Imagine being able to go to the casino and play Roulette with as much money as you like but instead of the house having a small advantage over you due to […]

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