Student Housing REIT – Perfect Combination of Yield, Stability and Price Gains

September 29, 2010

A buddy of mine has been making a killing in college housing for years.  Unlike what has happened to the residential real estate market, the college housing market has been largely insulated from both the initial bubble and the subsequent crash.  Why?  Well, valuations are based on actual cash-flows (real money) and not speculation, flipping […]

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Can REIT ETFs Conitnue to Dominate?

August 3, 2010

Real estate’s really been an amazing story in 2010.  The sector has been both volatile and profitable in the face of massive legislative overhauls, credit and liquidity crises, stubborn unemployment numbers, record low mortgage rates and a housing glut.  Bond King Bill Gross recently declared that real estate would beat stocks and bonds and Real […]

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