January 2011

7 Fresh ETF Launches for the New Year

January 25, 2011

As firms continue to launch new ETFs at a dizzying pace, I thought it would be instructive to take a look at 7 new ETFs  launched in January of 2011 across a broad spectrum of asset classes and strategies: 1) (EMVX) – Global X Russell Emerging Markets Value - This ETF will rely upon the benchmark […]

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Finally, The Facebook and Twitter Fund is Here – Secondary Market CEF

January 12, 2011

For years, we’ve been reading about how “accredited investors” could invest in startups such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others before they actually go public with an IPO.  The logic is that such sophisticated investors are more suited to the risks and capital requirements that come with such investments, even if trading in the secondary […]

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20 Top Performing Country ETFs of 2010

January 4, 2011

In looking at 2010 stock market returns by country, we see some similar patterns to 2009, with higher beta emerging markets leading the pack.  This top 20 list was constructed to give a sense of where the money was flowing in 2010 so as to inform where we may continue to see momentum, while at […]

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