November 2011

Some Thoughts on Insurance

November 28, 2011

As I set out to embark on a trip to India in December, of course, my wife’s thinking the worst while I’m just psyched to see some neat stuff outside the routine business meetings.  That being said, of course, my mind wanders to whether my family would be equipped to deal with some unforeseen event, […]

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Volatility ETNs Soared Last Week…In an UP Market

November 6, 2011

Even though the S&P500 (SPY) closed the week with a respectable 2.4% gain, volatility ETNs (Exchange traded notes) showed huge gains for the week ranging from 19%-40% depending on the type of ETN.  For a bit more on how the volatility index works, the VIX is the CBOE’s market volatility index which derives its volatility […]

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