The author has a background in Chemical Engineering and an MBA specializing in Finance and Biotech Management. Enamored by investing and saving since a teen, the author has been an advocate for optimized investment returns and strategies.

Why ETFs?

ETFs represent a unique mix of optimized retail investor benefits over conventional mutual funds, stocks and broker-advised investments ranging from lower fees to a lower tax liability.  I’ve written more on this in my articles on why ETFs are better than mutual funds and the 7 deadly sins of ETF Investing.  This site brings a unique, real-time perspective on the top areas of interest to both passive and active retail and institutional investors.

Here, you’ll find updates on:

  • Upcoming ETF Launches
  • Performance Analysis
  • Emerging Trends
  • Pending Regulatory or Legislative Changes that Impact Investing in ETFs
  • ETF Trading Strategies

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My Blogging History (an “evolution”):

  • Current – Make sure to also check out other blog dedicated to personal finance and broader investment classes at the Darwin’s Money.  I cover new ETF launches, reviews of market-beating ETFs, trends and trading strategies. (RSS FEED for Darwin’s Money).  I also write for Quid Corner on personal finance topics.
  • Recent – I am also the founder of Darwin’s Finance, a similarly themed blog with a different tilt on finance.  I still post there weekly.
  • Dead – My first foray into blogging was via “Everyday Finance” on the free Blogger platform which Google ultimately squashed so it is no longer active.

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