February 2011

Monthly Income with Dividend Stocks

February 23, 2011

When a corporation turns a profit, it has two choices: It can keep the profits and reinvest them in the company, where they become retained earnings, or it can distribute them to the shareholders. That distribution is a dividend. Dividends can take several forms. A company can issue a stock dividend in which additional shares […]

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5 Ways to Profit from Revolution in the Middle East

February 22, 2011

While most retail investors can’t locate Tunisia on a map (I couldn’t before last month), there are bound to be numerous substantial trading opportunities in the various sovereigns undergoing either crisis or complete overthrow of their government.  With Egypt falling shortly after Tunisia, there have now been massive demonstrations in Bahrain, Yemen, Libya, Morocco and […]

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ETF Stripping Explained – Insider Trading Scheme

February 14, 2011

ETF Stripping is the latest financial innovation coming out of Wall Street – but not as a retail investor vehicle.  Evidently, insider trading schemes have continued to evolve in efforts to evade scrutiny to the latest point of absurdity.  In an ETF stripping scheme, when an investor, hedge fund or trader acquires insider information, in […]

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US Dollar Continues to Strengthen

February 4, 2011

The recent turmoil in Egypt has many traders wondering how the conflict will affect the currency market.  Risk taking was the first to decline as both equities in the U.S. and bourses in the Far East severely declined. However, the U.S Dollar, still considered to be one of the top currencies in 2011 by Standard […]

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