View ALL Your Financials in One Spot with Personal Capital’s Free Service

October 23, 2012

Personal Capital is a one-stop shop for aggregating all your financial information in one spot in an automated fashion.  The beauty of the system is that once you connect all your financial institutions from banks to IRA, 401(k) accounts and more, your Personal Capital dashboard will aggregate everything in various views and can be customized […]

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5 Lowest Cost ETFs on Earth

March 11, 2012

Exchange-traded funds have commoditized broad allocation strategies. As exchange-traded funds require only a modest amount of overhead and competition intensifies, fund fees plunge with each passing day. The Lowest Cost ETFs Below are the five least expensive exchange-traded funds: Focus Morningstar Large Cap Index ETF (FLG) – This FocusShares fund based on the Morningstar Large […]

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OptionsHouse Review

February 12, 2012

I had the pleasure of using OptionsHouse as a broker for well over a year. As a light volume options trader and investor, I found their products and services to be some of the best. Heavy option traders would benefit even more from an OptionsHouse account. OptionsHouse Commissions and Fees Where OptionsHouse stands out from […]

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100 FREE Trades with a New IRA Account at OptionsHouse

November 1, 2010

Now’s an excellent time to open a self-directed IRA. OptionsHouse is offering 100 FREE trades for new accounts funded with at least $3000.  Since I tend to put my high yield investments in a self-directed IRA and trade growth stocks in my taxable account, it’s optimal timing to set one up, but a few holders […]

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Trade 100 ETFs FREE at Ameritrade – Full List

October 10, 2010

With pressure mounting amongst trading outfits to reduce commissions and offer free services and trading, Ameritrade has announced that it will now offer commission-free trading on 100 ETFs covering a broad spectrum of asset classes ranging from Emerging Markets and Commodities to Bonds and Select Sectors.  Being able to trade ETFs with no commissions can […]

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