100 FREE Trades with a New IRA Account at OptionsHouse

by ETF Base on November 1, 2010

Now’s an excellent time to open a self-directed IRA. OptionsHouse is offering 100 FREE trades for new accounts funded with at least $3000.  Since I tend to put my high yield investments in a self-directed IRA and trade growth stocks in my taxable account, it’s optimal timing to set one up, but a few holders for the long-term and let ’em sit while dividends pile up and you reinvest the proceeds tax-free!  On top of being able to set up your entire portfolio for free, their commissions are among the lowest in the industry anyway at $2.95 per trade.

OptionsHouse FREE Trades IRA Promotion

You can easily sign up for a free self-directed IRA from OptionsHouse and get 100 FREE Trades. You can also get $125 in Transfer fees waived. Take the 5 minutes to set this up now so you can fund the 2010 tax year. You can access the deal for these 100 FREE Trades Here.

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