March 2011

ETF Top Gainers – Silver, Energy and Inverse Volatility Win Out

March 27, 2011

US equities continued their ascent with the S&P500 (SPY) up 2.8% despite a worsening nuclear crisis in Japan, an undeclared 3rd war front with Libya and multiple Middle East fiefdoms on the verge of collapse.  Evidently, the prospect of cheap money, another round of Quantitative Easing rumored and record corporate profits continue to capture the […]

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Incredible Silver Pairs Trade – If You Can Find the Shares to Short

March 23, 2011

There’s a really nice silver pairs trade being set up right now for investors that are agile enough, already set up for margin/short trading and understand the premise behind this pairs trade.  Using the exact same concept I outlined previously for a gold pairs trade which worked out beautifully, there’s a nice market inefficiency (see […]

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Uranium ETFs Slammed While Solar ETFs Rally in Wake of Japan Nuclear Blasts

March 14, 2011

It should come as no surprise that Uranium stocks are down with the predictable anti-nuclear backlash coming worldwide in the wake of the events unfolding in Japan.  One question is whether the market reaction is overblown, as often happens, or whether this is just the beginning of the demise of nuclear power in the world.  […]

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Hottest ETFs of the Week – Commodities Ruling 2011

March 6, 2011

With oil hitting highs last seen 2 1/2 years ago and gold and silver hitting all-time highs, broad market indices somehow managed a gain on the week.  The battle for Libya continues, with much of the world anticipating the outcome but unsure of the timing or the future governance structure.  Fears over unrest spreading into […]

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