Four professional tips to trade the cryptocurrencies

by ETF Base on February 28, 2020

Trading cryptocurrencies has become hugely popular in the retail trading community. In the past, people used to think that trading the Forex pairs and commodities market is the only way to earn money in trading. But things have changed a lot over recent years. Many reputed companies like bigX are offering cryptocurrencies as trading options. But having access to the crypto trading industry doesn’t mean you will be able to make a consistent profit. You need to follow some precise guidelines to trade the cryptocurrencies like elite investors.

In today’s article, we are going to give you some professional tips that can help you to trade cryptocurrencies like a pro.

Learn the technical analysis

Before you start trading the cryptocurrencies, you need to learn about technical analysis. Placing random trades in the crypto trading industry without having enough knowledge about the support and resistance level, it will be really hard to make a profit. When you do the technical analysis, make sure you focus on the higher time frame. Since the market is extremely volatile, you need to be extremely careful about the trade execution process. 

Placing trades based on gut feelings is one of the key reasons to lose money in the investment business. In the crypto trading industry, you can’t afford to make a slight mistake. If you do, you have to pay heavily.

Selection of the trading asset

The naïve traders often think that they can only trade the bitcoins. But if you use a professional crypto trading platform, you will be surprised to know that different kinds of cryptocurrencies available for trading. You need to select the right asset since it will reduce the risk exposure to a great extent. For instance, trying to make a profit by trading the cryptocurrencies is not the perfect way to earn money at trading. 

You have to analyze the key asset based on the direction of the trend. For instance, if you intend to make a profit by executing long orders in bitcoin after securing a record high of $20,000, you would have lost a huge amount of money. The smart traders should have switched to different trading instruments so that they can find more profitable trade setups.

Asses your risk factors

Trading cryptocurrencies is one of the most efficient ways to make a profit in a trading environment. Due to the high level of volatility, it becomes really easy to execute high-quality trades. But do you think you can win all the trades? The obvious answer is NO. No matter how good the trade setup is, you need to think about the risk factors. Though some of the traders often think they can place trades with a 2% risk since it is one of the most complex markets to trade. So, reduce the risk to 1% when you place any trade. By doing so you can protect your trading capital.

Analyze the news factors

If you want to trade the crypto market, make sure you focus on the news factors. The market becomes extremely volatile in the event of major announcements. Let’s say, FED has announced that it will accept payments in cryptocurrencies. Within a second, the price of cryptocurrencies will surge higher in the global market. On the other hand, an imminent ban in the use of cryptocurrencies could result in a massive downfall. 

As a cryptocurrency trader, you need to keep yourself tuned in to with the latest market news. By doing so, you can protect your fund and make big profit by taking advantage of the positive news sentiment.


Trading cryptocurrencies is an art. If you want to survive at trading, make sure you follow the tips of this article. Always remember the fact that knowledge is power. So, educate yourself about this industry so that you can take advantage of the market volatility.

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