Mutual Funds

It’s Official: Mutual Funds are Dead – 10 Years of Horrifying Data

July 17, 2011

This weekend, BusinessWeek did a comprehensive piece on the decline of the actively managed mutual fund in America.  The trend of seeing money shift from actively managed funds to passive ETFs shouldn’t come as a surprise, but the magnitude and unabated shift of flows seems to spell the death of the old actively managed mutual […]

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Collar Fund Review: Do Options Collars Fit The Bill?

August 29, 2010

In an era of an ETF or mutual fund for every idea or investment theme one can conjure up, one such fund focusing on capitalizing on uncertain market direction is the Collar Fund (symbol COLLX).  For those unfamiliar with the options collar strategy, it is a case where one simultaneously buys a put option and […]

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Why Bear Market Funds are Lousy Investments

July 21, 2010

During the recent financial collapse, the perpetual bears had their day, crowing about how they were right all along and the US was in for a cataclysmic crash.  Their chorus grew especially loud during the March lows, which in retrospect was the worst time in decades to either sell your long positions or enter into […]

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Why ETFs are So Much Better Than Mutual Funds and Stocks

January 29, 2010

The benefits of ETFs over traditional investment vehicles like stocks and mutual funds have not gone unnoticed by investors and advisers alike. With inflows into ETFs exploding annually while hedge funds and other actively managed funds were brought back to earth during the financial meltdown, it’s worth considering just what makes ETFs so much better […]

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