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Incredible Chart on Trader Margin Levels and Market Bubble

October 24, 2013

Are we looking at a market bubble here? Take a look at this chart and consider. (click to enlarge) On one hand, I was astounded by the almost perfect correlation between investor margin levels and actual S&P500 Index valuations. It should be a pretty good fit I suppose, assuming people use margin to go long, […]

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Market Cap Weighting Weakness: Tesla Joins QQQ

July 21, 2013

Tesla (TSLA), an American automobile manufacturer, will join the NASDAQ 100 Index (QQQ). It will replace Oracle (ORCL), which is moving to the NYSE. Becoming part of an index is a relatively normal happening for an up and coming company, but for ETF investors, it puts market cap weighting back in focus. Market cap weighting […]

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