November 2010

Muni Bond Market Imploding – How to Play It

November 22, 2010

While it was readily apparent years ago, and we were reminded again during the 2008-2009 financial crash, markets had temporarily forgotten that municipalities across the nation are virtually insolvent and should already have declared bankruptcy.  If they have not yet “restructured” their debt, they should and they will.  After decades of politicians writing checks the […]

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4 ETFs to Benefit from the World’s Nuclear Power Needs

November 17, 2010

Since typical retail investors can’t take custody in Uranium and other fissile materials (nor would they want to), the next best thing to play on the future need for nuclear power would be in the companies involved in nuclear power generation and nuclear material mining companies. (URA) – Last week saw the launch of the […]

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Top ETF Gainers of the Week to Watch

November 14, 2010

In a down week for indices world-wide, the top ETF gainers for the period were primarily short ETFs, with some strength in the energy sector evident.  Oddly enough, following the widely anticipated QE2 announcement, Treasuries have been selling off, presumably because markets had widely anticipated the announcement and were perhaps hoping for something more substantial […]

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7 ETFs That May Benefit from Election and QE2 Results

November 3, 2010

Now that the markets have largely digested the election results and the Fed’s FOMC meeting announcement, it was evident both outcomes were somewhat baked in as investors engaged in the typical front-running and anyone looking for a Black Swan Investment or binary trade on Wednesday was disappointed.   The Fed unveiled plans to purchase of an […]

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100 FREE Trades with a New IRA Account at OptionsHouse

November 1, 2010

Now’s an excellent time to open a self-directed IRA. OptionsHouse is offering 100 FREE trades for new accounts funded with at least $3000.  Since I tend to put my high yield investments in a self-directed IRA and trade growth stocks in my taxable account, it’s optimal timing to set one up, but a few holders […]

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