Chaikin Power Gauge Stock Rating Widget Reviewed

by ETF Base on September 15, 2011

As a retail investor with some time for trades now and then, but not at the “professional trader” level or technical analysis junkie, I like to run through a few screens and tools before making a trade.  Sometimes, my trades are purely momentum drive, value driven or arb, but I also like to do some fundamental analysis and review a mix of inputs for both trading ideas and to narrow down multiple options.  So, here’s a review of a tool that pulls a lot of information together, delivers it in a clean, concise format and provides an assessment based on proprietary ranking factors – the Chaikin Power Gauge Stock Rating Widget.  To try it, enter any stock symbol in the entry box and hit enter.

Use of this widget will allow you to see a real-time quote and the Power Rating, which is derived by a model from Marc Chaikin’s back-tested 20 factor model. It is meant to quantify a stock’s potential over the next 3-6 months.

To test it out, I checked out Netflix today (NFLX).  Since I’m pretty annoyed with the company following its absurd 60% price increase, I was laughing today when shares tanked 15% on news that subscribers are balking at this idiotic move (umm, especially when there are now a dozen other online movie options).  As it turns out, the tool didn’t have a very favorable opinion of Netflix either.  Netflix was rated as VERY BEARISH and the free report delivered to my inbox shared a few other notable pieces of information backing up this assessment:

  • Financial Metrics Rating was very bearish (overvalued)
  • Price to Volume rate was bearish as well
  • Expert opinions were negative
  • There were some positives embedded in the report though, like earnings performance, but the focus there is the next 3-5 years, not what happened in today’s trade.

What I like about this tool is:

1) I like the delivery – it’s a clean, concise format

2) I like all the metrics and financials delivered that prevent me from having to click through multiple pages on YahooFinance or a paid service

3) It’s FREE!  What’s not to love!

Additional Goodies:

  • I was glad to see there’s an iPhone app for the tool as well, that’s a must these days for new launches as everything’s going mobile.  And here’s the desktop widget with trade integration right from there as well.
  • A full free 4 page Power Gauge research report can be
    requested for any stock viewed by clicking “For details on this stock”
    in the footer of the web widget.

Give it a shot; let us know what you think!

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