Common Habits of Traders

by ETF Base on August 8, 2017

Trading is becoming increasingly popular around the world, with more and more people turning to trading as a business. But can everyone become a successful trader? There are some habits that have been identified as being common to successful traders. The good news is that while for some people these habits are inbred, for many other people they can be learned. Being aware of what they are is the first step.


  • Driven – Successful traders are driven to success. They see their trading as their business and they constantly work to improve their strategy and their habits of trading. They are passionate about what they do, enjoying the thrill of a successful trade, as well as the work that goes into making sure it will be a success.
  • Decisive – When trading, fast decisions can make all the difference. New traders often get overwhelmed by the huge scope of the market and take too long to make decisions, losing out on profitable trades. Successful traders, on the other hand, make decision quickly and efficiently.
  • Disciplined – To be successful, traders must stick to their strategies and stick to their limits. It is all too common for traders to get emotional or to chase losses and end up losing even more. Successful traders know when to make a trade, but also when to exit.
  • Consistent – The best traders understand that making money from trading doesn’t happen overnight. Trading is a long-term business that is most successful with smaller, consistent wins over time. Sticking to your strategy with small regular returns is generally the best way forward.
  • Adaptable – While it is important to be consistent and stick to your strategy, it is also important to be adaptable. It is important to stay on top the latest news and information and to adapt your trading accordingly. Update your strategies and plans regularly to make sure that you are adapting to different circumstances.
  • Always Learning – Successful traders understand that there is always something new to learn. They are constantly on the lookout for new information, different markets and new trades. They are happy to learn from the experience of others to help them adapt their own strategies.
  • Accepting of Mistakes – Successful traders know that for every success, there are likely to be losses. All traders lose, even the most experienced and understanding this will help you get past your losses so that you can improve your strategy for next time. Getting bogged down in losses and mistakes will not allow you to move forward to be more successful in the future.
  • Responsible – Successful traders understand that trading is not a gamble. It requires a lot of research and work to be successful and they do not casually make trades without doing their homework first. Additionally, they make sure to set their loss limits and limit their capital to ensure that no loss will be too great for them to recover from. This will allow them to come back another day for another trade that will hopefully be more successful.

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