Convert your investment success into fun

by ETF Base on March 24, 2015

Following the markets and picking that trending stock is hard. It’s part science, part art. Making astute ETF investments requires smart research and some quality advice. Achieving financial success through these channels is a heady combination of thrill, graft, fear, brains and luck.

But what to do when it all pays off? When those sound investments finally come home to roost, you need to keep your financial hat on. Sure you want the toys, the clothes, the trappings of success. And you can have them. Just be smart about it.

Like you would when trading shares and stocks, you want your luxuries at the right price, and with these deals, you can make the most of your trading success.

Loosen your tie, and saddle up for a weekend road trip with your significant other. Forget your daily drive and get a great deal renting a hot convertible. Nothing says success like the open road, tunes on and the wind in your hair!

How about a fresh new look to go with the sweet ride? With everything from footwear, apparel and accessories, check out these deals at American Eagle. For maximum fun with your hard earned funds, it’s so important to leave the workwear in the office and get in the state of mind that only a fresh casual outfit can deliver.

Maybe you’re looking to share your ETF investment success with someone special? Some jewellery perhaps? Some fresh lingerie to spice things up? We’ve got you covered again with these smart buys.

Keep the lifestyle goal of your investment portfolio firmly in mind. Make sure to convert that success into fun. Regular weekends of this will have you refreshed and primed for another killer week crushing the markets.

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