Instavest Has a Trading Model Worth Trying

by ETF Base on June 3, 2015

Every so often a new trading outfit pops up with a seemingly new idea, but there’s often a similarity to what’s out there already or a catch that makes the purported benefits match the hidden downsides.  However, I’ve been impressed with what I’ve seen with Instavest’s model thus far.  Here’s why:  What’s the biggest pet peeve of mine?  It’s investors, media types and prognosticators who make bold predictions, then bury their losers and highlight the winners – all the while probably doing no better than the market or worse during the long term.  So, how do you identify the true, consistent winners?  Those that can actually consistently generate alpha and have the transparency and timeliness in reporting to benefit from it?  Now you can.

How Instavest Works:

Consider lead investors, and their followers (you could be either).

  1. Lead investors have their trades tracked and published on Instavest which draws the attention of followers who are watching their performance.
  2. If interested in following a lead investors, a new investor can invest in the same trades, with the suggestion that a small portion of profits (not actual trade value, but just profit portion) be blocked out. Some goes to lead investor, some to Instavest – hence, everyone wins.
  3. As a winning lead investors, you can make money not only from your own profitable trades but from that of your followers as well.
  4. Trades are only $3.49 (additional fees may apply) through Tradier Brokerage, Inc.
  5. Tradier is a member of FINRA which is a key criteria for any investor to look for.

Why Instavest is Likely Better than NewsLetters, CNBC and Blogs

As I mentioned before, this is all about transparency.  When you know what someone is trading and when – and they put their money where their mouth is, they will sink or swim on their performance.  CNBC?  They keep dragging out the same sensationalized TV-ready talking mouths that make the same predictions without much regard for whether their prior predictions have actually come to fruition.  And many of these talking heads load their predictions with qualifiers.  For instance, Dr. Doom has been calling for a market crash for so long now that the market has more than doubled since his predictions in 2010 and beyond.  However, if and when there is finally a correction, even if 3 more years down the road, he will proclaim, “See, I was right!”.  But what’s his performance been over the past several years?  I can’t imagine very good.  The same goes for many bloggers who selectively and retroactively share their trades and the newsletter game is a whole post unto itself.

Bottom line – check it out. Instavest.  It’s interesting – and may just make you some money!


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