Is the casino industry sustainable outside of Las Vegas due to the American gambling laws?

by ETF Base on June 10, 2014

Everybody knows that if you want to gamble in America you have to visit Las Vegas for the very best experience possible, this is because Las Vegas itself has hundreds of casinos on offer and so you can find every kind of gaming experience you would ever want all in one city. There are other places across America that have tried to reproduce this but none of which that have quite gone as far. However there are still many laws spread across America that prevent states from having casinos or even any kind of gambling altogether.

When it comes to commercial gambling only one third of the United States has laws that allow this type of gambling as all the others do not allow such facilities as casinos to be built and run. This is the main reason why you do not see casinos spread all across America as it is technically illegal in most states to actually build a casino and run it. This is one of the many reasons why online casino games like online roulette are so popular in America.  People who cannot get to a real casino can still enjoy the great experience from an online casino.

One interesting loophole to this law is the idea of having a tribal run gambling facility. Most the time these are ran by Native Americans on ground that they claim to be theirs. It is not uncommon to see these Indian casinos all across America. These casinos seem to do very well as there is no competition around them. The Native Americans have taken advantage of this and turned a very profitable business, a business which they plan on expanding by introducing a range of online casinos. Aside from the Native American casinos, the combination of the current American laws mean that places such as Las Vegas do very well out of the casino industry. This is down to their casino monopoly in the United States.

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