Quick Ways to Make Money Using Your Blog

by ETF Base on August 15, 2016

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There are thousands, maybe even millions, of articles that lay out a quick way to make money online, or more than one. Since the very beginning of the Internet, people have been looking for ways to monetize their time spent online. While there are many avenues that you can seek out, such as survey websites, or hiring out your skills as a writer, one of the easiest methods to pad your bank account is to make money from your blog, with things like affiliate marketing and other tips.


Why Your Blog?


It’s simple, really: your audience is already there. If you’ve built an audience through your blog, you’ve done most of the work of marketing already. Making money online is more about finding the right audience, that is already in the mindset to be influenced towards buying a product when they arrive.


This means that if you have a blog about home improvement, your readers are already coming to your blog thinking about doing projects around the house. If you chose affiliate marketing as your quick way to make money, you can advertise for a home improvement store; because your readers are already in the mindset that makes them want to purchase home improvement items.


Try One Quick Way to Make Money Today


Here are our favorite ways to make money from your blog:


  1. Affiliate marketing: This is one of the easiest ways to get started earning money right away. All you need is an audience, which you already have on your blog, and the ability to creatively work a few links into your content. Affiliate marketing means sending your audience to a business’ website through links. Any time a link from your website results in a sale, you’ll get a commission. If your blog is generating tens of thousands of hits daily, and you are careful to choose affiliate marketing programs that are helpful to your specific audience, you’ll be able to start earning money immediately. If your blog has an email subscription list that you utilize for newsletters, you have double the opportunity to use affiliate marketing to make money from your blog.


  1. Sell an eBook: If your blog is full of content that readers come back to again and again, why not collect those most popular and useful posts, and create an eBook that you can market? Formatting an eBook can be done in minutes with basic software (even Microsoft Word has basic formatting capabilities). You can make money from your blog content that you’ve already written, and simply post the links on your landing page. You don’t need to have a publisher or be one – there are many services that will act as a storefront, from Amazon to selling on your own site. This is a quick way to make money without doing more than a few hours’ worth of production work.


  1. Create a tiered subscription: Your blog already generates a ton of traffic. The easiest way to monetize that is to post a percentage of your content for free, to keep drawing in new readers, and to satisfy loyal readers – and also create a subscription model, where readers can pay for your best, most exclusive material. If you are already creating great content every month for your blog, this won’t take much time at all. Simply use your free space to give an abbreviated version of the excellent content you are reserving for your premium members.


When you choose one quick way to make money from this list, you may quickly find that your blog generates more income than you thought possible. Give affiliate marketing, eBooks, or premium subscriptions a try to make money from your blog.

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