ETF Returns for All Countries 2009

by ETF Base on January 5, 2010

I’ve reprinted this from Darwin’s Finance, my other broad-based finance/investing blog.  Since this article covers all ETF returns for 2009, certainly relevant here:

Following the most tumultuous investment environment many have seen in their life, it’s worth reviewing the 2009 stock market performance for equities globally. Interestingly, the US (ticker SPY) ended up toward the bottom of the list from an annual performance standpoint. Reason being, while the US declined ~50% from its peak, many emerging market stock exchanges declined 75% or more. As such, when it became evident that at least a mild economic recovery was in hand and crisis was averted, these emerging market economies rocketed back with massive gains from the pivot bottom, which was around March 2009, but still showed as nice gains on the full year 2009. Without further ado:

2009 Stock Market Performance:

163% IDX Market Vectors Indonesia Index ETF
130% TKF Turkish Investment Fund
128% RSX Market Vectors Russia ETF Trust
126% EWZ Ishares Msci Brazil Index Fund
124% ISL First Israel Fund
109% INP Ipath Msci India Index Etn
105% HAO Claymore AlphaShares China Small Cap Index
104% IF Indonesia Fund
103% EPI WisdomTree India
90% CH Chile Fund
89% GXG Global X/InterBolsa FTSE Colombia 20 ETF
86% SGF Singapore Fund
84% IFN India Fund
81% EWT Taiwan Index Fund
77% KEF Korea Equity Fund
73% EWY Ishares Msci-south Korea Index Fund
69% EWS Ishares Msci Singapore Index Fund
63% EWC Ishares Msci Canada Index Fund
61% TTF Thai Fund
60% EWD Ishares Msci Sweden Index Fund
58% IRL New Ireland Fund
58% EWO Ishares Msci Austria Index Fund
56% EZA Ishares Msci South Africa Index Fund
53% MAY Malaysia Fund
44% MXF Mexico Fund
41% SNF Spain Fund
41% EWN Ishares Msci Netherlands Index Fund
38% EWU Ishares Msci United Kingdom Index Fund
28% EWQ Ishares Msci France Index Fund
28% SPY SPDR S&P 500 (ETF)
27% EWL Ishares Msci Switzerland Index Fund
24% EWG Ishares Msci Germany Index Fund
21% EWI Ishares Msci Italy Index Fund
9% JEQ Japan Equity Fund

If some of the 2009 returns for these emerging markets ETFs stirred your interest, check out this review on Frontier Markets which are even more volatile and speculative than the more established western and emerging markets exchanges. Here’s a mid-year snapshot of stock market returns if interested in seeing how things shaped up in the back half of 2009.

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