Three ways your business can save money

by ETF Base on February 6, 2013


The following is a guest post on behalf of Egnyte:

Whether you are an SME, a brand new start up or a successful multi-national, figuring out ways to save your business money increases your bottom line and makes for a more successful profit margin.

Saving money is almost as important as making it – if all your potential profits get ploughed back into running costs then you will soon have financial problems.

Storage solutions

 There are two ways to improve efficiency and save money through storage. These involve becoming a paperless office, and utilising the cloud. Refraining from printing off anything that is not absolutely necessary saves money on paper, printer ink and fuel bills.

Cloud storage solutions from go one step further. Using cloud storage enables you to save money on file servers while still providing your clients with the ultimate in data protection security.

Not only that, but all authorised personnel can access the necessary files from anywhere, saving on transportation costs as employees will never find themselves having to return to the office for a mislaid file.

Switch utility suppliers

 Many utility suppliers have special deals designed to draw in new customers. Spend some time looking around and comparing offers to get the best savings.

If you bundle your utilities together you can often save even more, so check for things such as duel fuel discounts or cheaper mobile phone tariffs when you buy from your internet supplier.

Install timer switches

Many companies find that their electricity bills are through the roof every month no matter who their supplier is, and the fact is a lot of this is down to wastage.

Encourage employees to switch off electrical appliances and lights when not in use, and install timer switches in areas where the worst offences occur to prevent things being left on overnight.

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